The ViA Clown was born

ViA Logotype

ViA is: "a HAPPY news for everyone", so when it all started back in 2004 and 2005, the founder who has collected clowns for many years couldent resist to have the clown in his mind when he came up with the idea of putting life into the single character of ViA.

A happy clown, as a face or as a full size clown figure, is an easy shortcut to take if you are from Seeden. From the time of our first memories we all know one thing for sure, the ice cream, the Swedish ice cream brand "GB" has a clown, pictured here on the right.

So the big question came ti be: "Can the ViA logo vole alive"? As part of the very unique business and financial model innovagion the focus and the consumer target for the ViA Model, if all about giving the unbanked a payment solution in the modern @-age, so we will need to educate and explain, for people who do not read, do not look at TV, those who don't even read a newspaper, that's the one we will communicate our message to.

The ViA Single Character

This is the official Single Character 'font' of ViA, showing the whole logo, three (3) graphical shapes, as one single shape.

ViA Logotype

Maybe you did not know, but every card brand, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express (AMEX) to mention a few, has their own single character.

The single character is used by the card brand when they make the 'imprint' of the credit cards and other cards where a name and other personalisation facts are being imprinted.

So naturally, ViA as a card issuer needs its own single character, and here you can see how it came to be designed.

<<<< The image here to the left, was a gift from the Pakistan animation team, to the founder of the ViA Group, back in 2006. The image or may we say the clown's hat is an exact replica of a clown Lars Olof Kanngard had at his desk, made in glass, at that time.

Clown history - Scandinavia as early as 1560

The orinial birth of the word 'clown' or being 'clumsy' has likely its roots from Scandinavia, likely Sweden. The earliest use of the clown goes back as far as in the year 1560 and spoken in the Swedish langusich "kluns" which also was found in North Frisian "klöne" as well as Dutch "kluns", meaning clumsy person. The meaning of clown as a fool or jester is from 1600 and appare much later as a verb in the 20th century.

Clown's can be scarry.......

In some cultures and some parts of the world, the clown is actually scaring people and is not seen as the happy guy we may take for granted that the clown is being seen as.

ViA Logotype

ViA Logotype

ViA Logotype

The design and variants

When we engaged a animation team from Pakistan, the team from Post Amazer, the ideas started to fly around

We started to brainstorm on how we could make the ViA logo or the ViA single character to come to live.

Many different variants was discussed and many drawings was passed around.

Here you can see a collection of what we had at the drawing board.

The ViA character is born

When we engaged a animation team from Pakistan, we started to brainstorm on how we could make the ViA logo

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