ViA Corporate Video

Here to the left you can first find the first ViA Corporate Video from 2008.

ViA MiniPay and Chip2Chip Video

Here to the left you can first find the ViA MiniPay concept Video 2018

This is an introduction Video to the revolutionary innovation, with the nickname Chip2Chip, patent applied by Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom in June 2017. The Video is produced by Lars Olof Känngård, the graphical design, and presenter. The music jingle in the background is also a creation by the ViA Team back in mid-2000 and belongs as well to Känngård & Engström. Kidly note that the author Lars Olof Kanngard are dyslexic, so as he says: “My grammar and spelling are far away as good as my and our innovations”

Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom have been and still is a tech team that started as early as 1983, in Huddinge Sweden.
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If you have a problem to viwe the video on Youtube you can click on this link: Viwe Chip2Chip video here

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