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The ViA singel font as a cown

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Already from the start, when the first ideas about making a transaction-hub, to create a hub in-between East and West, was starting to take shape, the vision was crestal clear - it's for a global audience, with focus on the unbanked.

The name need to tell what we do, you shouldn't need to look and think, what is this or what is this standing for, it need to be as clear as....? Have you ever thought about that most of all the big global brand, very seldom tells what they do or how they do it, by just looking at a logotype?!

How many logo types can you list, which tell us what they do, I give you some help:


If you do know Latin, you would know that 'volvo' means 'we moving" if it was told in Sweden, but a correct translation looks like this:

Latin English
Volvo roll on or onwards
Volvo to meditate upon

But how many people know Latin, so likely 99%, who know about card brand from other countries would know that Volvo is a car brand but would not know that it has a meaning, close to or exactly a disc riptide of what they do. Please keep in mind, Volvo was had it first car made already 1927, at that time there was not so many brand and brand strategy was for sure not part of the decision, most likely made-up by the engineering team...

Let us just keep our minds on the question: "what brands comes to your mind where the name tells what they do?" without skills in Latin...

if we look around us, SKYPE, a made up word so that is not a name we by nature know what they do without explanation.


What's comes to mind, of brand surrounding us today is TWITTER, that's a brand which make you think on something 'sounding' something you listen too, but in this case you do read and you do tweets between your friends and followers.


twiːt/ noun

1. the chirp of a small or young bird. "the gentle tweet of a bird can be heard"

2. a posting made on the social media website Twitter. "he started posting tweets via his mobile phone to let his parents know he was safe"

If you have suggestions which fits in here as good example of companies who has a brand and a logo, telling us what they do, do not hesitate to send us your suggestions

Send us your suggestion

The word ' via ' Definition

When the ViA concept came alive 'via' become the short name for 'virtual instant access' but as the concept came to be more mature and the ideas came to be more clear, we started to question why we actually did use the word 'virtual'.

Some so many other times, the coinventor Mats Engstrom, who is the ViA Groups VP R&D and CTO made it very clear that the word 'virtual'

Definition for the word 'virtual COMPUTING:

"not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

So if we with our name shall explain that we handle transactions and values and the correct definition of the first word appears to say that what we do, actually not exist! That's not an good idea and fore sure will give the wrong association.

So Mats Engstrom actually suggested that we should cut the first word and name our company ViA Instant Access" which name is both a correct statement of what we do as well as the name become a double acronym. which means that the name get two meanings in the same phrase.....




1. preposition

travelling through (a place) en route to a destination. "they came to Europe via Turkey"

by way of; through. "most people buy a home with a mortgage via a building society" by means of.

2. "a file sent via electronic mail"

The basic concept around the ViA Model is based on making instant transactions more secure. One of the first security innovations was the STS-Secure Transaction String, which makes data transferred more secure. So the way it works as what ViA does and that's why the ViA logo came to be designed like this:

Swedish successes

Sweden is well known to create global brands, global successes and being far ahead of the rest of the world.

Swedish Flag

Swedish innovators has a huge track record of global success stories:

  • SKF
  • LM Ericsson
  • TetraPack
  • IKEA
  • Bofors
  • Magnum ice cream
  • Alfa Laval
  • GPS
  • Pace Maker
  • Three~Point Seat belt
  • ABB
  • ECG - Ultrasound
  • ATM Pin and Card
  • TANKOMAT - Automatic Petrol Pump
Swedish Magnum icecream

To mention just a few, great Swedish innovations, good to use, good to eat, we cant miss to tell you that the Magnum Ice Cream is a Swedish innovation and another well know Swedish innovation.

Other important Swedish innovations is the RFID solution for price tags. if you like to read more about SwedishClick here and discover more innovations

Payment solution 90 years

We are sure you did not know that Sweden actually already 1924 started the first direct payment system/service in the world. The Swedish Post Authorities started POSTGIRO as a one-day payment solution for consumers, companies and the government.

Global Brand

The word "VIA" means; "traveling through (a place) a route to a destination." or "by way of; through" and by Latin: "Way, Road.

Some of the larger sucsesses and brand names have been short names, easy to remember.

Bigger then Visa?

Did you know that only 20-30% of the global consumers is bankable the remaining 70% is unbanked.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex

To say "the best way" than if someone comes with an improvements, which you may not see today, you would become the "second best way" which is not so good. To say "the road forward" is a good expression, but bring little or no association to make things different or have a new revolutionary concept in your hand. To say "a better way" is perfect and leaves all door open to make improvements and join forces with others, who can contribute to a "better way"

"VIA" in one letter

As for all 'card-brand' ViA did need to have its own 'letter' a single character, which preferable, by just looking on it, would give the as so si at ion to the word it should or rather the brand it should represent. So that was how the ViA Single Character was created.

Here you can see the ViA Single Character in action

As you can see, the ViA Single Letter,, truly looks like 'ViA' and we also have developed into a type-font.

A billion more consumers?

When the ViA model was introduced to the world back in 2004/2005 the ViA team re-shaped the view of how many consumers it actualy is in the world.

Normal and traditional statistics are based on that a 'normal' consumer is in the age 18-65 year of age.

The ViA model also calculate the young users who is also part of the era.

@-Age in the e-society

The ViA team came to introduce the expression'@-Age' as a name for a new era, different from the 'IT-Age'. The IT-Age is defined as the time when industry and users starts to use computers. The @-Age is the era when we start to use online and Internet or may we say communication related services and applications in our day to day life.

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