The ViAns is born

ViAns in action, here you can see some of the designs we have created to illustrate what you can do with a ViAcard and where you can use your ViAcard.

All IP Rights including Trademarks, Service Marks, Designs have been licensed globally to ViA Global Solutions Pte. Ltd - Singapore.

ViAns on the bike

ViAns paying a bill

ViAns travel with boat

ViAns travel with bus and pying with the ViAcard

ViAns buy books

ViAns take out CASH HTM

ViAns take out cash

ViAns looking at cinema

ViAns will travel with city train

ViAns tell us that you can pay everywere

ViAns will fly

ViAnswill ead food in a food-court

ViAns makes a money transfer


Vians paying the Parking

The ViA Vians buying Coffe

The ViA Vians will go with Taxi

ViAns using the ViA eBM terminal

ViAns paying the train ticket with a ViA Card

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