The ViAns is born

As you may already has read, the first created 'mascot' of ViA was a clown, you can read more about the ViA Clown, just click here or on the clown.

So the story about the ViAns is a long, but interesting history about the battle between a happy clown and a 'unisex' cinnamon or Mechelen figure started. Here is now the store and the explanation about the ViA Models communication platform:

Already 1998 the founder held a speech in Dubai for the Chamber of Commerce where he presented the idea and proposed that Dubai should start its own electronic currency, and proposed the creation of the d-dollar (Dubai dollar). it was also proposed to use Dubai as an IT hub a connection center between east and west, and thereafter was Dubai Internet City created.

When the shape of ViA as a Business Model Innovation started to take shape, we where advice to not use "Dubai" in our name, instead form a name explaining what we offer and what we do"

The ViAns Logo

ViA Logotype

This is the official registered ViAns Logo.

The ViA Logo came to be designed by the founder of the ViA Group; Lars Olof Kanngard as a result of giving a graphical description of what the company actually is doing.

The basic concept around the ViA Model is based on making instant transactions more secure. One of the first security innovations was the STS-Secure Transaction String, which makes data transferred more secure. So the way it works as what ViA does and that's why the ViA logo came to be designed like this:

A mascot and symbol not offensive

The use of the word "VIA" goes back to the middle of 90th, when the founder and his team operated and created some of the first multi-line AUDIOTEX system solutions in the world, which became ESSELTE VOICE where also the legendary system, the MiniVoice system was one of several milestone-innovations, by its team. Everything was related that we did things 'via voice' 'via telephony' so at a later stage when the production of the MiniVoice system came under its own entity the name VIATEL was a natural choice, and that is where the word 'via' came to start in Sweden in the telecom sector.

ViATEL was the first company within the family of 'Kanngard' which got the name 'via' shortly followed by VIP.

"VIA" the word VIA

The word "VIA" means; "traveling through (a place) en route to a destination." or "by way of; through" and by Latin: "Way, Road.

"best way" or "a better way"

When the name came to live as the corporate name, we also was trying to agree on a slogan. The different suggestions was:

  • ViA the best way !
  • ViA the road forward !
  • ViA a better way !

To say "the best way" than if someone comes with an improvements, which you may not see today, you would become the "second best way" which is not so good. To say "the road forward" is a good expression, but bring little or no association to make things different or have a new revolutionary concept in your hand. To say "a better way" is perfect and leaves all door open to make improvements and join forces with others, who can contribute to a "better way"

"VIA" in one letter

As for all 'card-brand' ViA did need to have its own 'letter' a single character, which preferable, by just looking on it, would give the as so si at ion to the word it should or rather the brand it should represent. So that was how the ViA Single Character was created.

Here you can see the ViA Single Character in action

ViA Logotype

As you can see, the ViA Single Letter,, truly looks like 'ViA' and we also have developed it into a font.

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